Jeff McGovern

Jeff McGovern is nationally recognized in the pest control industry. In 1973, Jeff began working in the pest control industry and held various positions within several companies that allowed him travel throughout the US and SE Asia. Jeff developed a unique perspective with extraordinary examples of pest control options and a mission.  Jeff created a comprehensive program that not only addresses the pests, but also the conditions of the site that lead to the problem. His “12 Key Factors” program is currently in use by professional pest control operators and clients around the world. Jeff’s mission continues to drive change in the pest control industry, always with the purpose of protecting the brand and reputation of the client.

12 Key Factors

1 Access

A way in

5 Underneath

Look under

9 Cleaning

Remove the visible dirt

2 Food

Something to eat

6 Around

Look around both sides

10 Sanitation

Remove the dirt you can't see

3 Water

Something to drink

7 Behind

Look behind

11 Maintenance

Keep facility and equipment repaired and running properly

4 Harborage

A place to live

8 On Top Of

Look on top

12 Product Rotation

First in, first out

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Years of Experience


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Key Factors


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